Advancing the Reuse and Remanufacture
of Corporatewear

Only 10% of corporatewear garments are currently recovered, compared with around 39% of household clothing and textiles. Increasing the recovery of corporatewear is therefore essential for the development of a sustainable textiles industry. With this in mind, Uniform Reuse was developed by the CRR and partners to provide a central resource for information on corporatewear recovery, and create awareness of the opportunities that exist for reuse, remanufacture and recycling. The links below provide an overview and answer key questions for the different users of this site.

Some of the features incorporated in the website are: a directory of organisations, including an interactive map showing where to find sustainable corporatewear manufacturers and reprocessors; a fabrics database with information on the characteristics and end-of-life options for current and emerging fibres; and a series of case studies featuring companies across the supply chain who have overcome barriers to operate sustainable systems and manage a recovery system for clothing generated. 01296 337 165