End-of-Life management

No matter where in the supply chain an organisation sits, consideration should be given to the impacts on the environment and society at every stage of a garments life. End-of-life (EoL) is the final aspect of the clothing’s impact, yet it can be the longest lasting and sometimes the most harmful.

By realising what options are available at EoL, designers, manufacturers and purchasers can each play a role in improving the sustainability of the clothing produced, and ease final recovery. The Design for EoL Report details some of the key ways to create garments which can still be useful at the end of their service life.

This section discusses some of the factors that should be considered at the design stage of corporate clothing, and gives details of some of the best practice examples that companies have managed to incorporate into a sustainable business model. Although there are difficulties to overcome, these case studies highlight some of the ways organisations have gone the extra mile and beaten the odds. Also highlighted are some companies who haven’t achieved ideal practice yet, but are compensating by extending garment life and reducing environmental impacts of the product in the first place.


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