What we do

Core to the purpose of the CRR is the implementation of actions that will boost - in particular - remanufacturing. These policies and strategies are designed to help businesses (both consumers of remanufactured goods and remanufacturers), governmental policy makers, OEMs and trade bodies to deliver more remanufactured goods and thus reduce our impact on the environment, and at a profit. The Centre generates the supporting information that the remanufacturing industry needs to make its case and raise its profile.


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The CRR Vision:

  • To enable manufacturers and purchasers to make environmentally and economically beneficial decisions about end-of-life products, based on sound data and methods.
  • To establish quality standards that underpin quality, ethical remanufacture and reuse.
  • To be a recognized hub for advice and support in the area of remanufacturing and reuse (NOT recycling) for manufacturers, remanufacturers and purchasers, both in industry and the public at large.
  • To act as an advice point for policy and Government research to underpin future activities.

Environmental Sustainability and other company policies

You can read our policies regarding the following subjects in our pdfs

Environmental Sustainability Policy
Equal Opportunities Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Training and Induction Policy

For more information about the CRR please visit: www.remanufacturing.org.uk


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